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We’re doing something special RIGHT NOW which quite frankly is unheard of in the internet marketing community.

If you’d like to crank out six-figure digital products and keep all the profits… without creating ANY content yourself... AND…

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Here’s why:

For the first time ever… My mentors (John Thornhill and Omar Martin) have teamed up to bring you a $23 million dollar, rock solid, PROVEN system that you can put into practice TODAY.

John and his students have used these tactics to generate over $17 million in product sales online, and his top student, Omar, has perfected the process with over $8 million in sales as well.

In fact, in a single month, John personally used what you’re getting here to bring in $104,170.53 in sales… and that’s from just ONE of his accounts. (He has several.)

Not only that but following in his footsteps, Omar has become one of the top 3% affiliates in the industry (last 365 days) raking in over 28,500+ affiliate sales on JVZoo alone.
(And he promotes on several others platforms as well.)

This product is very different from anything you’ve ever bought because it cuts through all the noise and gives you the exact roadmap for success as both an AFFILIATE & VENDOR!

You are getting THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS with this exclusive, extremely limited and time sensitive package.

There’s no fluff or filler. We immediately get down to business, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

Plus, it’s easy.

You’re getting an easy to follow eBook called “Rapid Digital Assets” that you can quickly read in an afternoon AND…

You’re getting 3.45 hours of detailed video instruction from Omar called “Rapid Affiliate Profits” to go with it!

And by the way…

These two tools go hand in hand perfectly with what you are trying to do. As a matter of fact...

After you grab this life changing package today, YOU will be enjoying the most effective and efficient marketing strategy on the planet to...

Grow Your Business As Quickly… And As Simply... As Possible!

You see, despite what some people have led you to believe, marketing online is pretty simple.

We are the proof. Omar took John's strategy and turned it into a seven figure business of his own. And now we have teamed up here to show YOU how to be next.

This process works for the STUDENTS just as well as it works for the teacher!

We have cut all the fluff and made the entire process as simple as possible. (neither of us have ever been technical by nature so it had to be idiot proof for us)

Rapid Profits Online is our combined marketing system. It's the exact same process we use day in and day out to live a lifestyle envied by most... while only working a fraction of the time compared to most entrepreneurs.

That’s exactly what we want to show YOU how to do with Rapid Profits Online.

Here's What It's All About...

Do you have the time and patience to spend months or years of your life trying to create your own digital product from scratch?

And then endure YEARS of agonizing trial and error to figure out how to get traffic that profitably converts into sales?

Because after creating well over 400 digital products between the two of us, we can tell ya from experience…

Creating a digital product is not easy and creating a digital product that sells is even HARDER.

In fact, it might just be the most difficult and most time-consuming work you’ll ever do. To create your own digital product from scratch, you need to…

Do niche research...
Create an outline...
Create the content... 
Get graphics designed... 
Write the sales copy...
Build your sales funnel...
Create your members area... 
Setup a payment processor...
Write email follow-ups... 
Create JV promo tools... 
And the list goes on.

If that's the model you've been trying to follow, you’d better have deep pockets.

In fact, thats why a lot of people steer clear of product creation and turn to affiliate marketing instead.

Because product creation requires a LOT of your money and a lot of your time slaving away at the computer hoping and praying to make a little money, if any money at all.

You’ve probably tried your luck with Affiliate Marketing only find out that its just as hard to sell OTHER peoples products as it is to sell your own.

Breaking News: Affiliate Marketing is a catch 22!

Those who turn to affiliate marketing as a way to avoid creating their own products quickly realize that they need products of their own to use as bonuses in their affiliate promotions.

Every affiliate and his mother is offering bonuses for the same product you are trying to promote. How will you ever compete?

You just can’t win.

You’ll fail if you don’t have a buyers list. You’ll fail because you lack an audience and you’ll go broke pouring money into paid ads and traffic before figuring out a winning formula.

We’ve been there. Here's the bottom line:

You Want To Make More Money NOW... Not Later, Right?

Well, then there's NO need to mess around with all those confusing and out dated steps...

Content marketing... writing articles and blog posts for months or years on end without even one single sale to show for all your blood, sweat and tears...

Social media...

Search engine optimization…

Facebook, Google and YouTube ads...

Or ANY of that stuff you’ve tried that has probably never even worked for you.

If you want to start making reliable money online as FAST as humanly possible... you simply need to follow our tried, tested and PROVEN process…

Your Shortcut To Go From Zero To $100,000 Per Year Online As Fast As Humanly Possible...

Without A Mailing List, Without Complicated Funnels, Without Running Ads, And Without Spending Months Giving Away Free Stuff... 

...While Making Your Own Hours & Enjoying Your Life!

Build Your Business FAST And
Start Making More Money.

Take us up on this exclusive, extremely limited and time sensitive offer today and you’re going to discover the very best, tested and PROVEN ways to live the life of your dreams.

You'll Also Discover...

The #1 most costly mistake almost ALL online marketers are making today. If you’re doing this – and odds say you probably are – it’s costing you untold millions of dollars. And worse, years of your life you’ll NEVER get back. (See page 11.)
Why selling digital assets is the HOTTEST opportunity on the planet right now! (See page 6.)
A sneaky way to get your hands on MILLIONS of dollars of “done for you” digital marketing research. You’ll instantly know which are the hottest-selling products in the market today. (Page 39.)
How to pick a niche that gives you the highest possible chance of success right out of the gate. Discover the “Tiny Market, Big Money” blueprint we use to laser focus on niche markets OVERFLOWING with cash. (Starting on page 25.)
Why you DON’T need a mailing list, a big budget, or any experience to start making six figures a year selling online! (Page 27.)
What type of digital assets should you sell? Get THIS right and you’re on Easy Street. Get it wrong and you could be making the long, lonely and humiliating walk to bankruptcy court. (See the bottom of page 13.)
John's tested and PROVEN four-step roadmap for creating your first digital asset within days… instead of weeks or months! This is the exact step-by-step plan used by two of his clients to grow their online businesses into mid 7-figure businesses in their respective markets… in record time. (Page 39.)
How to launch your digital asset to a crowd that is ready and waiting to buy… without wasting months or years of your life giving away free stuff to “build a relationship” with people who will likely NEVER spend a single penny with you! (See page 99.)
What John did to take his little “spare bedroom” business from a $3,000/month side venture… to a $50,000/month cash cow. And he only invested a few hours each week of my time to do it. (Page 23.)

What Other Leading Marketers Are Saying

"A Masterpiece"

"From one product creator and author to another, you've mapped out a lifetime of digital marketing in one place for all to read and consume. A masterpiece of truth and absolute golden nuggets of info!"

Dan Sumner

"Don't Hesitate"

"To the potential buyer of this product – don't hesitate. If you can't find the right information in this book, you don't belong in marketing. It's a digital roadmap to success, a rollercoaster
ride of 6 figure greatness and
much, much more.

Dave Nicholson

"What John Teaches Works"

"Having been online since the early 2000s, there are not many marketers around who I remember from those days. John is one of the few who I've learned from that was there then, and
is still around today! (What John
teaches WORKS!)

Randy Smith

And that’s just a brief passing peek at all the business-building techniques, tips and tricks you’re going to get in the book.

If you want to set up proven systems that will ensure you’ll always have a steady, reliable and predictable stream of income… this is a “must-have” product for you.

Because you'll also...

Discover Exactly How to Set Up
Rapid Affiliate Profit Streams
With These Additional Videos:

Your business needs cashflow. Even if you’re still learning how all this works you need to earn while you learn because every online business requires a stream of cashflow…

…or else you’re dead in the water.

In all sincerity… Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to make consistent money online BUT ONLY if you know how to do it right.

That's why you need this so badly.

This training will FINALLY teach you the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing that the gurus have been hiding from you:

Learn the MODERN way to do AFFILIATE MARKETING 101 so you will FINALLY rid yourself of all the time consuming busy work that you were told would make you commissions.
Unveil the secret that's been hiding in plain sight so you will ALWAYS DO THIS FIRST to almost guarantee that every affiliate promotion nets you at least three figures.

Module 1

Learn the super fast way to assemble laser targeted audiences and attract buyers!

This one strategy is worth the price of admission alone because it will change the entire trajectory of your business.

Finally realize the hook in your marketing that will always ATTRACT YOUR PERFECT BUYER. This skill will ensure that you always create high converting and profitable affiliate campaigns.
Learn how to LASSO YOUR PROSPECTS so they become loyal repeat buyers and you will consistently make money from them month in and month out.
Discover how you can PAY TO WIN even faster so you can tap into this super affordable source of paid targeted traffic that is cheap and ripe for the picking right now!
Tap into the 768 billion dollar eCom market by cleverly inserting PHYSICAL PRODUCT ALTERNATIVES into your marketing. This will create invisible profit streams that will pay you for years to come.
Leverage our SMART PROMOTION TACTICS to squeeze the most money out of every single click so you will be able to maximize your profits with little or no effort.

Module 2

Unlock the secret vault to high performing affiliate products that you can promote. 

You need this because you’ll never have to worry about getting approved to promote the PROVEN money makers!

Learn exactly how to FIND THE HIDDEN GEMS in the marketplace so you no longer have to waste hours and hours looking for good products and vendors that are willing to approve you.
Use our reliable method to WEED OUT THE LOSERS so every single product you promote will now be something that your customers will absolutely love and thank you for.
Discover the most reliable types of DIGITAL PRODUCT TO PROMOTE FOR THE WIN online so that you can cash in BIGTIME without having to deal with shipping and fulfiment nightmares.
Learn exactly how to ATTRACT & CAPTURE YOUR BUYERS the right way so that every one of your prospects will actually WANT you to email them and recommend products!
Harness the expert copywriting tricks that create COMPELLING EMAIL PERSUASION so you will finally be able to effortlessly write concise and highly persuasive emails that make customers throw money at you.

Module 3

Harness the most reliable methods for selling other people's products, profitably and consistently on ANY platform. 

This is important because you’ll finally be in a position to get money coming in reliably LONG TERM with minimal efforts

Leverage the most modern methods to STACK THE DECK IN YOUR FAVOR when promoting products. This tactic will give you an unfair advantage in the most crowded marketplaces.
Learn the STRATEGIC AFFILIATE TACTICS that super affiliates have been successfully using on you for years. Now you’ll be able to stand out and command the attention of buyers in your niche.
Take hold of our unspoken AFFILIATE SALES AMPLIFIERS to insert into your marketing without any technical nonsense. You’ll be able to multiply your profits with these simple tweaks.
Master the most trusted and reliable ways to create SOLID EVERGREEN CAMPAIGNS that pay you nice monthly commissions forever. You’ll be able to underwrite your whole business with this one skill.
Learn how to CRUSH THE LAUNCH SCENE even if you are a brand spanking new, wet behind the ears newbie. You need this one skill enormously because it will empower you to make money especially if you have no list.

Module 4

Learn the super fast way to assemble laser targeted audiences and attract buyers. Game Over! 

This one strategy is worth the price of admission alone because it will change the entire trajectory of your busines.

Unlock the advanced commission getting techniques used by super affiliates. These are simple tactics you can use right now to dominate just about any aunch contest!
Learn how to quickly create BACK TO FRONT FUNNELS without any special computer skills. Now you will be able to leverage a unique way of driving massive amounts of targetted clicks.
Unlock the HIGH TICKET WEBINAR SECRETS FOR AFFILIATES so you can earn $297, $697 and even $997 commissions even if you have no list and no product of your own.

Wrap your hands around our AFFILIATE EXPERT TIPS AND TRICKS that only a small group of privileged students have ever seen. You’ll finally be in the know with these closely guarded insider secrets.

But that's not all. As a token of our gratitude for investing in this offer, you are also going to get...

Ten Valuable Bonus Gifts Worth
$870 Yours FREE!

These TEN bonuses will help you put the tactics and strategies we’re about to show you on steroids… so you can get more customers and sales... as quickly as possible.

You’ll get…

BONUS #1: Rapid Digital Assets Virtual Coaching

"How To Pick A Profitable Niche, Get  Your Product Up For Sale, And Quickly Get It Into The Hands Of Hundreds (Or Even Thousands) Of Customers!"

Total Value: $197.00

When you get your copy of my new Rapid Digital Assets book, I’m going to give you 1.5+ hours of bonus training videos where I will personally coach and mentor you through the entire process.

These videos are your companion to the book. It’ll be like I’m right there with you, delivering over-the-shoulder guidance. Best of all, you can start watching them now, while you wait for the hardback copy of your book to arrive!

Get This For FREE When You

BONUS #2: How To Become An Overnight Success

"The FASTEST Way To Go From Zero To 6-7 Figures... Even If You're Brand New And NOBODY Knows Who You Are!" 

Total Value: $197.00

The next bonus is a closed-door LIVE workshop John did with Randy Smith, who is actually one of his former coaching clients.

As John was creating this product, he remembered how it took him almost seven years to finally get to the point where he was ready to quit his job and go full-time online.

However, like many of his private coaching clients, Randy was able to go full-time within 6 months of starting his journey.

In this presentation, they reveal the three little-known "success multipliers" that are helping our best clients go from total unknowns to earning 6-7 figures online... in record time.

The only people privy to this information are John’s private coaching clients who paid $1,997 for this exact same information.

That's why we’re 100% confident this can work for you, too. Because you're getting the EXACT same information his coaching clients paid $1,997 to get.

Get This For FREE When You

BONUS #3: Fill-In-The-Blanks Rapid Digital Asset Creation Worksheet

“Our Unique And Controversial Way To Create Your Own Digital Assets… In The Shortest Time Possible… That Gives You The HIGHEST Possible Chance Of Success!” 

Total Value: $97.00

This is as “done for you” as we can possibly make it. It’s a proven formula and fill-in-the-blanks template for cranking out six-figure digital assets quickly.

Each step is designed to get you to complete a specific task that takes you one step closer to launching YOUR first digital asset. You’ll see a result at the end of each task when you do the work.

Get This For FREE When You

BONUS #4: The Six-Figure Launch Mind Maps

“How To Launch Your Digital Asset And Enjoy Your First Six-Figure Payday!”

Total Value: $47.00

As you’ll discover when you read the Rapid Digital Assets book, mind mapping can often be the difference between a launch that just does okay... and a launch that smashes the six-figure barrier!

That’s why I’m also giving you FIVE detailed mind maps that contain a complete, step-by-step breakdown of my most successful product launches.

These are the EXACT mind maps I used to create some of my most profitable digital assets. And you'll be able to model them so you can plan your own six-figure launch… in a matter of HOURS!

Get This For FREE When You

BONUS #5: Rapid Digital Assets Advanced Audio Series

“Learn How To Apply The Principles of
Rapid Digital Assets With The Advanced Audio Series That You Can Access on The Move!”

Total Value: $97.00

Want to learn on the move? Well, don't worry as I have you covered with my additional advanced audio training.

This audio material will teach you the fundamentals of creating your very own 6 figure digital assets and as well as some advanced techniques such as recruiting JV partners and marketing to your new customers.

These audios are perfect for listening to in the car, at the gym or while walking the dog.

Get This For FREE When You

BONUS #6: Affiliate
Marketing 101

“Finally understand the mechanics of affiliate marketing in super simple terms.”

Total Value: $47.00

No more technical jargon to interpret. No more complicated metrics to decipher.

We'll demystify the affiliate cycle and explain exactly where and how the BIG money is generated, collected and PAID TO YOU!

This is the training that covers it all!

Get This For FREE When You

BONUS #7: Online Income Automation

“Learn how you can focus on attracting new customers and basically feed them into your automation.”

Total Value: $47.00

Spend time attracting NEW customers into your business instead of constantly struggling to find good traffic.

We're going to teach you the different ways and techniques that are used to automate your sales and the exact tools that can automate everything for you so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Get This For FREE When You

BONUS #8: The Online Money Process

“No more shiny object syndrome! This training will get you focussed on exactly what to do to get money coming in FAST.”

Total Value: $47.00

In this training, internet marketing expert Omar Martin spills the beans on how he and his wife Melinda made millions of dollars with this simple online money-making process.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme nor a theory… this is a 100% legit process that will take your business to the next level.

Get This For FREE When You

BONUS #9: Drive Capture Mail

“Master the three most important things to keep the customers and sales pouring in to your business consistently.”

Total Value: $47.00

Having a responsive subscriber list is a huge benefit in your online business. But here's the thing... Your list has to be reliable. 

Your list of subscribers has to buy from you on command whenever you need it. If not, then what's the point of even having a list?

This training will show you how to make that happen. This training will hold your hand through the list building and the monetization process.

Get This For FREE When You

BONUS #10: Lead Rush

“Don’t just settle for a trickle of traffic. We’re going to cover some very important steps for getting a RUSH of leads added to your mailing list.”

Total Value: $47.00

You're going to love this training! This is one of Omar & Melinda's most popular training courses because it tackles a vital need in your business.

Creating leads for your business is more than just IMPORTANT, It’s critical! Without a steady flow of new leads, you’re dead in the water.

This is the specific training that will keep traffic and leads coming in to your business day in and day out.

You’ll learn exactly what to do and the correct order to get a rush of targeted leads for long term success.

Get This For FREE When You

You’re right… that is a lot of proven, real-world strategies and tactics that are working right now. And it’s stuff that nobody else can share with you because nobody else is doing it.

And like we said, this is an exclusive, extremely limited and time sensitive offer that is ON SALE RIGHT NOW but will end soon.

We’ve coached thousands of students and some of our students have even gone one to create seven figure businesses of their own with what we’ve taught them.

"  Omar & Melinda Martin are the greatest coaches in the game. Regardless of what you sell, these people can change your  life! "

"  Omar & Melinda Martin took me from flat-line to over $53,000.00 per month! 

What Would Omar Do?

Whenever I wanted to make money, or if I was stuck or struggling with something I would ask the question "What would Omar do?"

"  Omar Martin gave me the best advice I have ever gotten and I made over $20,000.00 in just a week and a half.

Work With Omar & Melinda!

"When you work with Omar & Melinda Martin it will be one of the most profitable and impactful decisions you ever make."

"  Omar & Melinda helped me become a FULL TIME internet marketer earning SIX FIGURES  per year online! 

They've always been there when I have had a question!

"If you get a chance to work with them JUMP ON IT because it will be the best decision you ever make. "

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How’s that for fair?

Lets review...

Here's Everything You Get When You Add 'Rapid Profits Online' To Your Order...

Rapid Digital Assets eBook ($24.95 Value)
Rapid Affiliate Profits Video Series ($297.00 Value)
Rapid Digital Assets Virtual Coaching ($197.00 Value)
How To Become An Overnight Success ($197.00 Value)
Fill-In-The-Blanks Product Creation Worksheet ($97.00 Value)
The 6-Figure Product Launch Mind Maps ($47.00 Value)
The Rapid Digital Assets Audio Series ($97.00 Value)
Affiliate Marketing 101 ($47.00 Value)
Online Income Automation ($47.00 Value)
The Online Money Process ($47.00 Value)
Drive - Capture - Mail ($47.00 Value)
Lead Rush ($47.00 Value)

Total Value: $991.95

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" I had the pleasure of being coached by Omar & Melinda Martin. What I learned is that the Martins will leave no stone unturned and no question unanswered. And they will be there for you long after to help you.

After working with the Martin's you'll know that the only way to fail is to disregard what you've learned from them. There is a way to do business and then there is a BETTER WAY with the Martins! Do it. Don't even hesitate to work with them! "

NO THANKS. I don't need a 23 million dollar blueprint to master affiliate marketing and product launching with John & Omar. I'd rather just keep doing this all by myself.

Rapid Profits Online

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