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Higher Level Strategies Workshops is your beacon in this digital storm. A monthly deep dive into topics critical for online success.

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These monthly workshops are PURE content,
these are NOT sales webinars.

Monthly Training Workshops are unlocked for members every month. This ensures you're always up-to-date with the latest strategies, giving you an edge over competitors.
Each workshop offers 4 Expertly-Crafted Instructional Videos. These videos help simplify complex concepts, making learning efficient and easy to understand.
Comprehensive Worksheets accompany each video tutorial. These provide hands-on practice, ensuring you not only learn but also effectively implement the strategies.
Members enjoy 24/7 Access in their dedicated area. This allows for flexible learning, letting you choose when and where you want to study.
Content spans a wide range of Digital Marketing Topics. This broad coverage ensures you become a well-rounded marketer, ready for various challenges in the digital space!
The membership is priced affordably at $14.95/Month after a $1 Trial. This means you receive high-value training at a budget-friendly rate, offering significant ROI.
Content is Regularly Updated to stay relevant. This ensures your strategies and knowledge remain current, aligned with the ever-evolving digital world.
Training is delivered by recognized Industry Experts not A.I. This guarantees quality EXPERIENCED content and insights, boosting your confidence in executing your online strategies.

"Every month, as others scramble to catch up, you've already got a grip on what’s latest, and how to use it to your advantage."


LIST BUILDING: List building is arguably the most important skill you need to master in your journey to build an online business. Many people go about it all wrong, and they end up wasting time and money.. This training will teach you how to set yourself up for list-building success by laying down a proper foundation. 

Discover modern methods for attracting the audience and capturing the leads. Learn the proper way to build trust and market to your subscribers so you can monetize them repeatedly. This training will make you a list-building hero.

INTERNET MARKETING 101: All the experts WISH they had watched this training when they started. This is how you lock down the fundamentals and speed up the process. You are about to master the essentials of Internet Marketing. 

You will gain a clear understanding of how the industry operates, and you will learn the main money-making methods. We’ll cover Web Basics for Marketers, Affiliate Marketing, Vendor Marketing, and Online Business Strategy.

PRODUCT CREATION: You need to create your own products. Every successful online business that survives the test of time has a digital product portfolio. This training will teach you the exact process for creating valuable digital products quickly and consistently. 

You will discover EXACTLY what type of product to create and the exact steps to take to make it. You’ll learn the secrets to creating in-demand products that attract customers and make sales.

PRODUCT LAUNCHING: By launching a product, you can leverage OTHER people's traffic and make huge profits. This training will teach you the exact process for setting up and executing a digital product launch. 

You will learn how to build buzz and anticipation for your launch in the marketplace. Learn how to recruit and RETAIN super affiliates that will send you their buyers. Discover the secrets that convert affiliates into PARTNERS so they will mail for you over and over again.

JV RECRUITING: This workshop is perfect for novice entrepreneurs seeking to master the art of affiliate recruitment. 

Learn exactly where to find affiliates and how to approach them. Learn how to get them to promote your products repeatedly and how to establish mutually beneficial joint venture partnerships with super affiliates! You'll gain the knowledge and skills to get massive amounts of affiliate traffic for all of your launches.

AFFILIATE MARKETING: Every online business requires a stream of cash flow. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to make consistent money online. This training will teach you the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing. You will learn to assemble audiences and attract buyers. Unlock the secret vault of high performing affiliate products that you can promote. 

Discover the proven methods for selling other people's products consistently on ANY platform. Learn the advanced commission getting techniques used by super affiliates.

SALES FUNNELS: You've got to walk your prospects through the purchase decision.  This training will teach you how to build sales funnels that persuade people to buy. You’ll learn how to create funnels without any technical experience or fancy software. 

You’ll discover a time tested process for upselling without upsetting your customers. You’ll also learn how to assemble the “back end” of your funnel, where all the real money is made!

DRIVING TRAFFIC: Most online businesses do not fail because of a lack of ideas or work ethic, it is a lack of TRAFFIC that cripples them. This training will teach you the fastest and most effective methods for driving targeted web traffic to any web page on the internet. 

You'll learn how to BUY instant traffic from various sources.You'll learn how to BORROW targeted traffic from marketers and influencers, and you'll learn how to CREATE your own traffic from a wide array of sources on command.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: In today's digital age, where billions actively engage on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, establishing a robust online presence is non-negotiable. 

This comprehensive course equips you to build vast audiences, captivate your target market, market like an influencer, and transform social media into your primary revenue stream. Ideal for beginners and seasoned marketers alike. Master the modern digital marketplace with this social media marketing workshop!

VIDEO PRODUCTION: This workshop is a step-by-step course guiding internet marketers to master video creation on a budget. You don't have to be a feaure film producer to leverage the power of video marketing.

This workshop will teach you how to create great videos and marklet with them. Learn why video is vital today, easily craft engaging scripts, film content, edit, and promote videos effectively, with minimal equipment and experience.

EMAIL MARKETING: The real goldmine is effective email marketing. But the challenge isn’t just in growing your list, but in engaging them efficiently and persuasively. This workshop isn't merely about building a list; it's about mastering the art of communicating with your subscribers. 

From ensuring your bulk emails land in the inbox and not spam, to crafting compelling autoresponder sequences and persuasive follow-ups, we've got you covered. Learn the copywriting secrets that ensure opens and clicks, and transform your email game to generate reliable profits. 

MEMBERSHIP SITES: Unlock the potential of membership sites with our step-by-step workshop. Ideal for internet marketing newbies, this course takes you from understanding the concept of membership sites, through building your own, to managing and optimizing it for maximum profits. 

Packed with actionable tips and advanced strategies, you'll learn to create a thriving online community and generate sustainable, recurring revenue.

By the way...

Our Monthly Workshops Are Perfect For Beginners

We get tons of praise from the members about how amazing the workshop content is and how easy it is for them to follow along.

I watched a workshop with Omar and Melinda Martin, valuable training with tons of “Mind Bombs” or “Awareness topics”, great for newbies to experts. There is so much to learn. Keep an eye out for their next workshop, you’ll be glad you did.

Rich Fedrizzi

Live Workshop Attendee

Awesome workshop with Omar Martin and Melinda Martin! Best course of the year, probably!!

Koz Mo

Live Workshop Attendee

I attended a 6 hour workshop with Omar & Melinda Martin. I currently have a small list of around 1,500 people but with what Omar is teaching I'm sure I'll be able to build and better manage. This is my second workshop with them and if you ever get the chance to attend one I would highly recommend it!

David Millett

Live Workshop Attendee


Buy Now And You'll Also Recieve These


Monthly Worksheets

The Perfect Compliment To Each Video Workshop

Dive deeper into the world of Internet Marketing with our specialized workshop worksheets. Tailored for those just embarking on their online business journey, these sheets complement our comprehensive video workshops, ensuring you grasp, retain, and apply the most crucial skills for online success.

Custom-Matched to Videos: Each worksheet is meticulously designed to align with its corresponding video presentation. This ensures that as you watch, you have a guided roadmap, enhancing comprehension and engagement.
Interactive "Fill in the Blanks" Design: The worksheets employ a fill-in-the-blanks format. By actively participating, you're not just passively consuming information but are actively reinforcing your learning, leading to better retention.
Versatile Viewing Options: Whether you prefer to print and annotate by hand or view on-screen, our worksheets cater to your learning style. This flexibility allows for a more personalized and comfortable learning experience.
Monthly Updates: With every new workshop video, a new worksheet is released. Stay updated and organized, ensuring consistent growth and upskilling in your Internet Marketing endeavors.
Aids in Information Retention: The act of filling out the worksheets as you learn helps to embed knowledge. By engaging both visually and kinesthetically, you're more likely to remember and apply the concepts when building your online business.


The Internet Marketing Glossary

The Easy Way to Understand All The Internet Marketing Lingo 

Internet Marketing (IM) can be overwhelming when you're bombarded with unfamiliar jargon and acronyms. The IM Glossary is designed to bridge this gap, offering clarity and confidence to every marketer, novice or seasoned.

Extensive Terminology Coverage: Our glossary lists and defines a comprehensive range of IM terms. Benefit from having a one-stop reference, eliminating the need for endless, confusing internet searches.
Acronyms Decoded: We've decoded the multitude of acronyms prevalent in IM. By understanding these shorthand terms, you'll quickly feel more integrated and fluent in industry discussions.
Sales and Technical Jargon Explained: Beyond standard terms, we dive into both sales and technical vernacular. This dual approach ensures you're equipped to handle discussions from sales pitches to technical integrations.
User-Friendly Layout: The IM Glossary is designed for easy navigation. A user-friendly interface means you spend less time searching and more time understanding, making your learning process efficient.
Regularly Updated Content: Our team ensures the glossary remains current with evolving IM trends. Stay ahead of the curve and always be in the know, ensuring your strategies and conversations are relevant and up-to-date.

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